Momo Sakura Welcome to Momo Sakura's world!


Momo Sakura

Momo Sakura,  Zen composer, Japanese “kimono” flautist

  • Very musical childhood

I was brought up in my  parents’ music shop, surrounded by many different types of music from Classical to Rock’n Roll!.

 I started  playing the flute at the age of 10. (Joining the school band! ) 

 I entered the Tokyo College of Music Majoring in music with Flute as my specific instrument. I devoted myself to practice, practice and practice! 

Because my dream has always been to become a musician, not a good one, but still a great one to this day. 

  • Big move to Australia

I came to Australia for the first time in 1991, taking part in the National Flute Convention. It was a huge shock for me, because at the time, I thought I had to take music very seriously at the  time. I wonder, can we actually ENJOY the music? 

So, after graduating from the college, I decided to come back to Australia to have more fun! 

I became a full time student learning English, because I barely spoke any English then.

I learned Aussie accents as well, which I am so proud of!

  • Enjoy music to the full

I really enjoyed holding many musical concerts in Perth, to perform with the local musicians. 

Also I shared my love and gift of playing with local high schools including St.Hilda’s school for girls. 

In September 2000, I suddenly started to write music myself. Never expected that would happen to me. The great love of music must be overflowing through me. It is my passion and one which I will continue to follow always.

In 2001, I paired up with a talented guitarist named Simon Rovis-Hermann, and we recorded our first album “Awakening” .

 Together we toured 12 places both in Australia and Japan. 

  • Giving spiritual advice

In 2005, I started to seeing people  giving spiritual advice. Since my childhood, I was good at seeing who they are at their core. Lots of people, lots of stories of lives. Over 1000 of them.

It is a gift which I treasure and feel honoured to help others. 

In 2007, my work “Snow woman”(original story by Yakumo Koizumi) was premiered in Western Australia University, commissioned by the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth.

  • Touching the love on the street

In 2011,devastatingly the  Great East Japan Earthquake struck Japan. I felt compelled to help these unfortunate victims and so I began  performing my music on the street of Perth. It was a moving experience, to feel the love from people, also was touched by the great power of music. We raised more than $5000 which was donated to charities.

In 2015 I was recognised as a “Western Australian Composer” by the State Library of Western Australia, where my collection of works has been archived. It was an unbelievable honour. One of which I am immensely proud.

  • Cancer experience

In 2016, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I did not want at this time to follow the conventional method of treatment. I knew that we have the potential to strengthen our immune system and decided to follow an  holistic approach to healing myself with this method.

This experience has taught me so much about taking care of myself and living my life to the fullest.

  • My current fabulous days

I perform regularly as the unit “Flute Oboe” with a beautiful oboist Masayo Miyata. Our extensive repertoires have  over 200 pieces.

My vision toward the future is limitless, not only composing and performing music but also speaking about body and mind wellness. I would love to see you soon!